URQC-200 installed and operational at Audi Brussels

Audi Brussels has commissioned a robot cell for ultrasonic quality control, developed by FRS Robotics in Leuven, Belgium. FRS Robotics successfully integrated a standard cobot into a robot cell for automated ultrasonic inspection, hereby extending the working range to allow all car parts to be inspected in one go without intermediate part repositioning. By combining force control and feedback of the ultrasonic signal, FRS Robotics introduces a reliable and productive non-destructive quality control procedure. The FRS Robotics cell enables Audi Brussels to further increase production quality, speed up quality control, and reduce material scrap. The robot cell is fully operational and replaces today’s manual inspections, which are complex, time consuming and error prone. In the fenceless cell, our operators intuitively collaborate with the robot, which eliminates any physical strain. Audi Brussels currently uses the FRS Robotics cell to inspect the fold glue joints on Audi e-tron 516 door, hood, trunk lid and other car body parts.

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Laureate of "BEyond", the acceleration program of Pulse Foundation

FRS Robotics is one of the ten laureates of the second edition of "BEyond: Excellence in Entrepreneurship". The Pulse Foundation jury valued the presented strategy, product development roadmap, and expansion plans of FRS Robotics. In the coming years, FRS Robotics will further optimize and extend its solution portfolio for robotic ultrasonic quality control and geographically expand across Europe and beyond. BEyond is an initiative of Pulse Foundation, in collaboration with Agoria, EY, imec, Sirris and We Connect Data.

The focus of the BEyond acceleration program is on ambitious tech scale-ups. BEyond supports FRS Robotics with expertise from experienced, leading Belgian and international entrepreneurs.

FRS / Audi Press release

Audi Brussels cooperates for ‘Robotic Ultrasonic QC’ solution with FRS Robotics to flexibly automate fold glue joints inspection on vehicle doors. Innovations in adaptive sensor positioning developed by FRS Robotics enable Audi to flexibly automate manual ultrasonic quality control

FRS Robotics

A team of experienced robotics specialists and innovators who automate ultrasonic and other inspection and assembly tasks. The result is a faster, more robust, more accurate, and more flexible process that delivers higher production quality standards with less strain for operators and at economically more competitive standards.