The services of FRS focus on adaptive robot control in order to automate inspection, assembly or processing tasks. In this regard, the services of FRS typically include sensor-guided operations without requiring an accurate CAD model. Technology innovations enable FRS to automate intricate manual tasks or deal with part series characterized by high geometric variability or irregular surfaces. In addition, FRS offers services in the form of robotic automation studies and consultancy.

Force-Guided Robotic Operations

The challenge of automating more complex manual tasks lies in the human ‘craftsmanship’ that is required to properly execute the tasks. FRS intelligently applies real-time 6D force measurement to continuously adapt the position and orientation of the robot end effector.
An example is a robot-operated ‘go’ gauge used for spline quality control. Based on the force sensor’s feedback, the robot adjusts its position and orientation to delicately find the correct fitting and gradually continues its motion to fit the gauge over the inspected part. Similarly, FRS is able to automate any manual close-tolerance task in your inspection, assembly or processing operations.

Laser-Guided Robotic Operations

FRS also feeds adaptive robot control with laser-based distance measurements. One application covers the automated pickup of spools without the support of a camera. By mounting laser sensors on the robot end effector, ‘on-the-fly’ sensing continuously adapts the robot motion to ensure very precise manipulation of the object. FRS laser-guided technology services allow fast and robust robot control with dynamic accuracy within a tenth of a millimeter.

The robotic manipulation of spools is just one example. There are numerous operations out there that could benefit from laser-guided robotic automation solutions from FRS. A key advantage of FRS solutions is that these are robot vendor independent.

Studies & Consultancy

Involve FRS when looking into developing the automation of a specific application. Have FRS robot specialists execute engineering studies or provide consultancy services in support of your project. One project covered the automated removal of the thin coating of rectangular cheese blocks using a planing tool. With laser sensors mounted on the robot end effector, ‘on-the-fly’ sensing and cheese coating removal occur simultaneously during continuously adapted robot motion. FRS technology services have led to increased productivity and reduced cheese waste, thanks to fast and robust robot control with a dynamic accuracy within a tenth of a millimeter.