Non-Destructive Robotic Quality Control

Drastically Reduces or Eliminates Material Scrap.

Robust, Accurate, Fast & Easy to Use Solutions

FRS Robotics is a Belgian engineering innovation partner for companies in the automotive and other advanced manufacturing industries who are looking for solutions and services to automate manual skilfull processes with robots. One of the core services and solutions of FRS Robotics is Ultrasonic Robotic Quality Control. FRS Robotics enables its customers to deliver its products with higher quality through robust, accurate, reliable and easy to use robotic quality control solutions. FRS Robotics delivers a unique combination of adaptive robot control software with integration and engineering services. FRS Robotics solutions speed up quality inspections, flexibly deal with product variations and environment uncertainties, and easily switches to another part type to be inspected. FRS Robotics solutions include both human-robot collaborative and fully automated robotic applications.

FRS Robotics has demonstrated ‘Ultrasonic Robotic QC’ on vehicle doors in premiere on the Control expo in Stuttgart.

Click here to read the ‘Ultrasonic Robotic QC’ joint press release with Audi Brussels.  

FRS also offers services in the form of robotic automation studies and consultancy. Typically, the focus is on adaptive robot control in order to automate constraint-guided inspection, assembly or processing tasks. In this regard, the services of FRS typically include sensor-guided robotic operations.