Ultrasonic Robotic Quality Control
of Fold Glue Joints by an industrial robot


Solution under Development

The FRS URQC-100 is a fenced robot cell which automates the highly sensitive ultrasonic quality measurements of fold glue joints of automotive closure panels.

This product revolutionizes today’s complex manual ultrasonic quality control, which is time consuming and error prone.

Automated, Robust, Fast & Flexible

In the past it has been difficult to robotically position an ultrasonic probe to measure a fold glue joint, because of small variances in the best position to get the optimal ultrasound signal.

FRS uses adaptive control based on both force sensor feedback and the ultrasound sensor feedback to guide the robot to the optimum position to make a measurement.


Watch the Video

Watch the FRS URQC-100 Demo

Adaptive control using ultrasonic signal feedback
  • Automating complex manual ultrasonic quality control without a calibrated environment
  • Robustly handling geometric variations in production.
  • Flexibly switching between item variants by clicking a few software buttons.

Solution Configuration

Key components of the URQC-100 solution:

• Industrial 6-axis robot equipped with a real-time (250 Hz) Ethernet interface
• Robot controller for driving the industrial robot
• Computer for the intelligent robot motion control
• Ultrasonic sensor (conventional or phased array), ultrasonic signal processing and - display module connected to the computer
• Force sensor module
• Coupling liquid dispersion module; I/O modules; part manipulation module
• Peripherals including fence and operator console

Top: user-friendly operator interface; Bottom: example of robotized ultrasound quality control with a conventional ultrasound sensor